Face mask fit and construction details

Learn more here about Saul Sugarman's three mask fit types, sizes, and how they're constructed.

Every mask uses a peel-and-stick wire from ULINE. Contoured and darted masks (described below) use one wire while pleated ones use a double wire. Unless specifically requested, every mask has around-the-head elastic, not over-ear.

The three fit types are as follows:

Sugarman's original mask product, the pleated design folds like an accordion across the face. Customers often praise this style if they wear glasses, as the double wire prevents more glasses fogging than the darted and contoured ones. Sometimes a mask is listed as "pleated only" because the design on it wouldn't look cute in the other styles.

A slightly more complex mask in its construction, the contoured mask does what it says: contours to the wearers face. This gives the mask a sleeker, more fashionable look. These masks are distinguished by their full center seam, giving more space over the nose, mouth, and chin to breathe.

Sugarman's newest design, the darted mask is used mainly for mural masks, which often incorporate artwork that would not look right if split by a center seam. These masks fit more snugly around the mouth and nose, with darts at the chin and nose to provide more space. But there is a small tradeoff in comfort in order to display a work of art.